Widgets Officially Supported by Wikispaces

Table of Contents

This TOC widget automatically adds entries when text is formatted as a heading.

RSS Feed

Inserts any RSS feed from around the World Wide Web. Simply find the feed URL, and paste it into the RSS dialog box.

News.com Feed:


Contents of a Wiki Page

This page content is actually a page that is located elsewhere on the wikispace. If the content is changed on the original page, it will change here.

List of Wiki Pages

Lists all pages in your wikispace.

Discussion Area

Places discussion topics directly on a page.

Subject Author Replies Views Last Message
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Page History

Displays the page's edit history.

Date Author Comment
More Revisions
No Page History.

List of Links to This Page

Want to know what other pages send people your way? Insert this widget to find out.

Tag Cloud

Displays the tags used on the wiki. The tags are clickable. When clicked they take you to pages that use the tags.

  1. 30 boxes
  2. acrobat
  3. aim
  4. airset
  5. audio
  6. bitty browser
  7. blip.tv
  9. built-in widgets
  10. chat
  11. collaboration
  12. contributors
  13. del.icio.us
  14. delicious
  15. docs
  16. documents
  17. embedded browser
  18. favorites
  19. flickr
  20. gabbly
  21. gizmo
  22. google calendar
  23. google documents
  24. google maps
  25. im
  26. imeem
  27. map
  28. mapping
  29. meebo
  30. microsoft excel
  31. mp3
  32. navigation
  33. num sum
  34. odeo
  35. page history
  36. pictures
  37. polldaddy
  38. polls
  39. rss
  40. schedule
  41. schooltube
  42. scribd
  43. sharing
  44. skype
  45. slide
  46. slides
  47. slideshow
  48. social bookmarking
  49. sound
  50. spreadsheet
  51. survey gizmo
  52. surveys
  53. table of contents
  54. tag cloud
  55. teachertube
  56. virtual fieldtrip
  57. widget
  58. widgets
  59. wikispaces
  60. yackpack
  61. youtube

Top Contributors

Shows the users who have added the most information to the wiki.